I’m not from a traditional advertising background.

I was the VP/General Manager at two TV stations. The GM is responsible for “revenue generation,” meaning selling ads to clients like you. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in advertising. It works. But nowadays, the corporate media folks pressure their sales teams to sell it all: sports packages, specials, sponsorships, digital, OTT, you name it. Let’s talk about what’s really of value to you, and what’s really “checking the box” for the sales department. I know.

My background is local news. I built audiences, and built brands that separated my stations from the rest. The challenge was figuring out which stories would resonate with viewers, and how to tell those stories in creative and compelling ways. Trust was our currency. This is the same challenge local advertisers face. What is the right message? How do we get more people to pay attention to it? How do we build trust with our customers? How do we get folks to act?

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Don Pratt
16 Consulting Group