Nielsen: Traditional TV Still Tops

No doubt people are consuming video content in a more fragmented environment, but traditional TV is still driving viewership. That’s the finding from a recent Nielsen market survey; most viewing is still done on broadcast and cable. In my judgment, local news remains sticky. No one has devised a viable hometown news alternative. Substantive digital news on a local level would disappear if it was not subsidized by the resources of local television stations and (and newspapers). When the storm hits, a disaster strikes, or local government leaders are up to no good, local television is still the leader in alerting us. Broadcast and cable certainly owe a great deal of credit for viewing to their network partners, who deliver premium entertainment and sports content. That partnership is a powerful force, and in conjunction with a digital strategy, provides a powerful advertising option for growing local businesses.

To read the article from Nielsen, I’ve added the link for you.